Save Energy – Good For the Environment and Your Wallet!

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We address your current inefficient energy systems to make your home more comfortable year round and save you money on your energy costs.


Make Your Home More Energy Efficient With Our Expert Services

How healthy is your home? Almost every home has problems that are hidden, unhealthy, and costly. Kalex Energy Company in Utica, NY, can help cut your energy bills by up to 40% with our simple steps and expert services.

Steps to an Energy Efficient Home

Step 1

We perform a comprehensive home assessment. Our meticulous professionals will give your home a complete physical which includes 40 different tests and inspections, including:

  • Air leakage testing of your home to locate drafts and heat leakage to outdoors
  • Carbon monoxide levels check and other health and safety tests
  • Combustion efficiency tests on heating and water heating equipment
  • Complete evaluation of your home insulation levels including walls, ceilings, and crawl spaces
  • Infra-red thermal imaging scan of your home
  • Test ductwork for effectiveness (airflow and leakage)

And much more!

Step 2

Our staff will build a computer model of your home as well as creating a custom energy reduction strategy.

Computer modeling allows us to demonstrate the weaknesses in your home, and permits us to calculate the effectiveness of an upgrade before you invest in it. We will put together a custom financing package to include:

  • Cash incentives
  • Deferred loans
  • Low interest loans
  • Manufacturers’ rebates
  • Tax credits

Step 3

We meet with each customer to discuss a detailed cost analysis consultation of the work we can provide. Kalex Energy Company will then dispatch our team of trained professionals to implement the strategy and improvements. We employ in-house installers for:

And others!

Step 4

We will test your house again at NO COST! This will ensure that we leave your home healthy and safe. It also allows us to prove the results of the measures we have installed for you.